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What we do at Expert Computer Consulting:

We can solve just about any hardware or software computer issue. If your computer is just plain acting up, it may be a computer virus. We can eradicate it and install virus protection to stay virus free. Spyware removal, Operating System Installs, Hardware and Software installations. We also offer training and support ...and so much more.

Beyond basic hardware and software support, we offer the latest in the home networking - which has become so popular in the last few years. Today those exciting wireless networks for the home have become an even more affordable and attractive option. 'Wireless' means no wires to run between computers and walls - and if you have a laptop, the ability to roam up to 300 feet with it ...Hmm. Saturday morning, sitting on your patio or deck with a cup of coffee, checking the news online or reading your email.

Well, however you envision the experience we will design a home network solution that is right for you. And also, if you don't already know, home networks allow the computers in your home to share documents, the internet, printers, and music. You can also play those multi-player games against each other.

Unfortunately for the internet, it comes with open access to everything imaginable - including a large amount of what you may feel is offensive. We are proud to offer solutions to help protect your family from objectionable websites on the internet. Expert Computer Consulting can configure your computer to filter out offensive websites and to block un-requested e-mail (spam) to better protect your family.

And finally, what about entertainment? Computers are supposed to be something to enjoy - remember? There are so many ways to enjoy your computer. Maybe it sounds fun setting up a digital music library or maybe getting your family photos online to share with others across the country. Whatever you would like to enjoy on your computer, we can teach you how to do it - and have fun doing it!

Whatever type of service you are looking for, you can trust our experience and knowledge.
Those Microsoft icons at the top of this page are certifications that I hold and come from real world experience. With over 21 years in the field, you won't find a better deal anywhere....guaranteed!!!!

*** Special Deals ***

Home Network Evaluation $49.95
Don't get caught buying something that won't be compatible or fit your needs. Our professional and thorough in-home network evaluation will provide you with the BEST network solution for your home.

Is your computer slow? Too many POPóUPS?, Think you may have a virus? Is someone watching you when you are on-line? Fact is that many of us have Spyware, Adware or even Virusís on our computer and donít even know it. If any problems are found then you will receive a FREE estimate on what it will take to get your computer back to the way it was when you purchased it new.

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